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Resist magic
Dispel magic True
Floating island
Guardian wind
Phantom warriors
Word of recall
Counter magic
Psionic blast
Disenchant True
Spell Lock
Enchant road
Wind Mastery
Spell blast
Aura of Majesty
Phantom beast
Disjunction True
Wind Walking
Storm Giant
Air Elemental
Mind Storm
Magic immunity
Time Stop
Flying Fortress
Spell Binding
Creature Binding
Great Unsummoning
Suppress Magic
Sky Drake
Spell Ward
Mass invisibility

Type of spells :

Unit Enchantment(+) - operates on friendly units
Unit Enchantment(-) - operates on enemy units
Combat - the spell can only be cast during a battle
Summon - calls a fantastic creature
Combat Summon - calls a fantastic creature in fight
Combat Enchantment - the spell works on the whole battlefield
City Enchantment(+) - improves a friendly city
City Enchantment(-) - worsens an enemy city
Global Enchantment - global enchantment, working on both planes of the world
Special - any special enchantment or spell

Formulas require "mp" (mana points) to cast the spell and are expressed with X-Y/Z :
X - mana required to cast the spell in fight. The spell will dissipate once the battle is finished
Y - mana required to cast the spell outside of fight and then...
...Z - mana required to maintain such a spell

Sometimes, required mana is expressed with X + : it means that the spell can be cast with X mana, but you can add extra mana to strengthen it.

Resist magic Unit
5-25/1 Raises resistance to magic by 3.
Dispel magic True Special 10 + The strengthened version of a common spell, threefold force.
Floating island Summon 50/5 Calls a floating island which can carry up to 8 units.
Guardian wind Unit
10-50/1 Creates a magical wind around the unit, rejecting all arrows and slings (= missiles immunity). However, stones can pass through the Guardian Wind.
Phantom warriors Combat
10 Calls a phantom legion. These magical soldiers have illusory attacks.
Confusion Unit
15 Confuses an enemy unit. Each turn, they either are not confused anymore, do nothing, move randomly, attack enemies or attack allies. If you remove the spell at this moment (when the unit attacks its allies), it becomes yours until the end of the battle.
Word of recall Special 20 Returns any unit to the summoning circle.
Counter magic Combat
10 + Creates a reserve of counter magic power which resists all spells cast by an opponent wizard as if you had cast an equally-strong dispel magic. Each spell casting attempt by the opposing wizard reduces the strength of the counter magic reserve by five mana.
Nagas Summon 100/2 Calls poisonous mermaids having first strike.
Psionic blast Combat 10 + Strikes the enemy with a strength 5 pulse of mental energy. Every 2 additional mana spent on it adds +1 strength. Psionic blast hurts the enemy without considering its defense (= illusory attack).

Blur Combat
20 Reduces chance of damage from each successsful impact by 10%.
Disenchant True Special 50 + The strengthened version of disenchant area (threefold force).
Vertigo Unit
25 The target unit receives -2 to Hit and -1 defense.
Spell Lock Unit
20-100/1 It becomes 50% more difficult to destroy spells cast on the unit. If a dispelling attempt succeeds, the spell lock is removed before any other spell.
Enchant road Special 100 Transforms all roads on a 5x5 squares area into Enchanted Roads (units can move on them spending 0 Mvt).
Flight Unit
25-125/3 The target unit becomes able to fly.
Wind Mastery Global
400/5 Doubles the speed of all ships and flying units controlled by the wizard, and halves the speed of all others.
Spell blast Special 50 (+) Attempts to counter a spell of an enemy wizard as it is being cast. When spell blast takes effect, the wizard must expend as much of his or her own magic power (from mana reserves) as the enemy wizard has spent on the opposing spell to blast that spell out of existence.
Aura of Majesty Global
400/5 Improves relations with the other wizards each turn.
Phantom beast Combat
35 Calls a phantom beast which has illusory attacks.

Disjunction True Special 200 + Destruction of global enchatments with threefold force.
Invisibility Unit
35-175/10 The target unit becomes invisible. The enemy can see an invisible unit if one of his units are very close or if one of his units has True Sight. Massive attack spells (call lightning and flame strike, for example) automatically strike invisible units. An enemy fighting an invisible unit in melee has -1 to Hit (unless he has True Sight).
Wind Walking Unit
250/10 The target unit goes over the clouds and drags behind itself all the other stacked units (they move with their leader's speed). WARNING : Windwalking units fly in fight, but stacked units do not !
Banish Combat 20 + Tries to break off the connections holding a fantastic creature in the world. The creature should resist with strength 3 (+1 for every 15 extra mana spent on the spell). The creature unable to resist disappears without any right of restoration.
Storm Giant Summon 500/10 Calls a big giant which can shoot lightnings.
Air Elemental Combat
50 Calls a magical whirlwind in fight. It is invisible and has weapon immunity.
Mind Storm Combat 35 An enemy unit (regardless from its properties, except for magic immunity and illusion immunity) loses -5 attacks (ranged, melee and thrown) , -5 defense and -5 resistance.
Stasis Special 250 Paralyses an enemy unit on a map square. The spell operates during a minimum of one turn. After the first turn a unit passes in stasis, it has one opportunity per turn to free itself by successfully resisting (at a penalty of 5 to resistance) the stasis field.
Magic immunity Unit
50-250/5 Gives the target unit +50 resistance to magic attacks.
Haste Unit
50 Only in fight : doubles the movement of the target unit (up to 4). The attacks are doubled and the unit can even counterattack twice !

Djinn Summon 650/17 Calls a djinn, able to cast spells (20 mp) and having wind walking.
Time Stop Global
1500/200 The full stop of time (stops all occuring processes) : nothing is under construction, neither taxes nor mana are collected. Only the casterís units are allowed to move. The caster must maintain this spell, but only this spell.
Flying Fortress City
500/25 Suspends a wizard's enchanted fortress far above the clouds. Only flying units may enter (or attack) and leave this city. The wizard's own foot troops may enter and exit the city overland; during combat, once a foot troop (non-flying unit) leaves the floating city it cannot re-enter until the battle is over.
Spell Binding Special 1000 Intercepts the control of a Global Enchantment : it becomes yours and you should maintain it.
Creature Binding Special 70 Intercepts the control of a fantastic creature until the end of fight. After the end of the fight, the creature disappears.
Great Unsummoning Special 1000 ALL (and yours too) fantastic creatures should resist with strength 2 or will be banished from the world.
Suppress Magic Global
1250/50 All overland spells about to be cast by other wizards must overcome a 500 mana strength dispel or be eliminated.
Sky Drake Summon 1000/25 Calls a celestial dragon having magic immunity and throwing strength 20 lightnings in melee.
Spell Ward City
350/5 Provides total immunity for the target city from one specific realm of spells (including combat spells) and prevents any fantastic creatures of that realm from entering the protected city. The caster must select which realm to ward against : chaos, death, life, nature, or sorcery. It is possible to cast this spell several times on a city to protect it from all kinds of magic.
Mass invisibility Combat
80 All your units become invisible !

Phantasmal (ignores defense; illusory attack), Haste, Resist Magic, Magic Immunity

Phantasmal (ignores defense; illusory attack), Haste, Resist Magic, Magic Immunity

Phantasmal (ignores defense; illusory attack), Guardian Wind, Resist Magic, Magic Immunity

Guardian Wind, Resist Magic, Magic Immunity, Flight, Invisibility

Guardian Wind, Resist Magic, Magic Immunity

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