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Agility The hero deviates the enemy's blows : +1 defense per level of the hero.
Arcane Power Increases magical ranged attacks by one per level of the hero.
Arms Master Armsmaster : increases experience of all regular units stacked with the hero (+2 experience per level of the hero).
Blade Master Blade Master : gives +1 to Hit per two levels of the hero.
Charmed The Hero never fails resistance rolls.
Constitution The powerful constitution gives +1 hit (heart) per level of the hero.
Leadership Leadership : all friendly units in fight gain +1 attack strength (including ranged attacks) per two levels the hero.
Legendary Legendary adds +3 Fame to the controlling Wizard per level of the hero.
Lucky Lucky adds +1 to attack, defense and resistance rolls.
Might Might gives +1 hand-to-hand attack per level of the hero.
Noble The hero does not require any payment for his services, on the contrary adds 10 gold.
Prayer Master Adds +1 resistance per level of the hero to every friendly unit in fight.
Sage Sage heroes adds +3 research points per level of the hero each turn to the controlling wizard's research total.
Spell Caster* The hero is able to cast spells in combat. A caster adds half his casting skill to his controlling wizard's casting skill if he is stacked in the capital (the city where the Fortress is).
Random Fighter Pick Random Fighter Pick.
Random Fighter or Mage Pick Random Fighter or Mage Pick.
Random Mage Pick Random Mage Pick.

* Caster improves base size of the hero's spell skill by two and a half, rounded down to the nearest integer. Base size increase on a level. Caster determines how much mana can be used in battle and, if he can shoot ranged magical attacks, how many shots can be made at the rate of 3 mana for a shot (a Hero who doesn't have Haste can not spend more than 150 mana for magical attacks).
  The hero can receive mage picks. For each pick, base skills of the hero will be improved by two and a half. The hero cannot receive additional mage picks if he has not any initially.

  Super - increase properties by 50% For example, Super Legendary increases Fame not by 3 but by 4 points per level.

Forester Moves on forest squares spending 1 Mvt.
Flight Ability to fly. Movement speed does not depend on terrain.
Merging Moves under the ground while fighting, spending 1 Mvt between any two squares of the battleground.
Mountaineer Moves on mountains spending 1 Mvt.
Non-Corporeal Wraithform : passage of walls and movement on any map square always cost 1 Mvt. Web has no effect on a non-corporeal unit.
Pathfinder Pathfinder : all units stacked with a Pathfinder will move over any land square spending 1/2 Mvt.
Planeshift Ability to shift between the planes. Planar travel is effective on all stacked units.
Teleporting The unit can teleport while fighting, spending 1 Mvt between any two squares of the battleground.
Water Walking Ability to float on ocean map squares.
Wind Walking Ability to go by air. All units stacked with a Wind Walker can follow him in the air. WARNING : Wind Walking units fly during battles, but stacked units do not !
Armor piercing Armor piercing : halves the enemy's defense.
Cause Fear Spell The attacked unit should resist or will freeze in fearž losing ability to attack or defend itself.
Create Outpost Ability to found a new outpost.
Create Undead The defeated opponents raise from the dead as undead to serve you.
Dispel Evil Brings down a stream of holy light when fighting. Death and chaos units should resist or die.
First strike First Srike : the unit always strikes first. Then, if the enemy survives, he can counterattack.
Healer Healer : cures 25% health of all units stacked with him after a battle.
Illusion Illusion : Impacts affect directly health, ignoring armor.
Invisible Invisible : the unit is impossible to shoot (except if the shooter has Illusions Immunity or True Sight). The enemy receives -1 to Hit at hand-to-hand fight. Global battleground spells can affect invisible units.
Immolation Innate immolation.
Large Shield +2 defense from ranged attacks.
Life stealing The unit sucks life from the enemy, adding it to his own health. If the opponent dies, he may return undead to serve you.
Long Range The probability to hit a target does not depend on the distance.
Lucky Lucky : adds +1 to defense, attack and resistance rolls.
Meld With Node Ability to create a connexion between a node and the controlling Wizard by melding.
Purify The unit can restore any map square struck with corruption.
Regeneration Innate regeneration.
Undead Undead unit. It does not require any gold or food for its maintenance and cannot recover from wounds or be healed.
Undead units are immune to death, illusions, cold and poison. They are vulnerable to Life spells.
Undead Fantastic Creatures require a 50% higher upkeep (even if they cannot be created directly by black channels, you may obtain undead Fantastic Creatures by killing living ones with a life-stealing creature).
Wall Crusher Ability to destroy a wall.
Spell Caster The unit can use this quantity of mana in every battle in order to cast spells or shoot magical ranged attacks.
Death Gaze Death gaze : every figure in the attacked unit should resist or die.
Doom Gaze Doom gaze : causes damages without considering any property of the attacked unit.
Fire Breath Fire breath : before hitting, the unit exhales fire on the enemy.
Holy Bonus All stacked units gain extra resistance to magic, extra attack and extra defense.
Lightning Lightning attack.
Poison Poisoned weapon : if hit, the enemy loses as much life as there is poison on the blade. Damage does not depend on the attacked unit (except if it has Poison Immunity).
Resistance To All All units in a stack gain resistance to magic and +1 endurance.
Scouting The unit can see over many map squares.
Stoning Gaze Stoning gaze : if the attacked unit does not resist with indicated force, it turns to stone and cannot counterattack.
Stoning Touch Stoning touch : if the attacked unit does not resist with indicated force, it turns to stone and cannot counterattack .
Throw Throwing weapon : before each attack, the unit throws axes to the enemy.
Cold Immunity Immunity to freezing attacks. However, very powerful Ice bolts can break through it.
Death Immunity Immunity to Death attacks; protection against many Death Spells.
Fire Immunity Immunity to fire attacks; protection against many Chaos spells.
Illusions Immunity Immunity to illusory attacks, protection against many spells of sorcery, ability to see invisible units.
Magic Immunity Immunity to magical attacks.
Missiles Immunity Increases the unit's defense to 50 shields against arrows, slings and javelins (but not rocks).
Negate First Strike Will neutralize first strike ability or dodge the first attack of other enemies.
Poison Immunity Immunity to poison.
Stoning Immunity Immmunity to stoning attacks.
Weapon Immunity "Immunity" to usual (non-magical) weapons : increases defense up to 10 shields against non-magical hand-to-hand attacks.
Doom Bolt Spell Ability to cast Doom Bolt.
Fire Ball Spell Ability to cast Fireball.
Healing Spell Ability to cast Healing.
Summon Demon Ability to summon a Demon.
Web Spell Ability to cast web.

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