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Earth to mud
Resist elements
Wall of Stone
Giant strenght
War bears
Stone skin
Water walking
Earth lore
Cracks Call
Nature's Eye
Ice Bolt
Giant Spiders
Change Terrain
Path Finding
Nature's Cures
Elemental Armor
Stone Giant
Iron Skin
Ice Storm
Move Fortress
Gaia's blessing
Earth Elemental
Herb Mastery
Nature's Awareness
Nature's Wrath
Great Wyrm
Call Lightning
Earth Gate

Type of spells :

Unit Enchantment(+) - operates on friendly units
Unit Enchantment(-) - operates on enemy units
Combat - the spell can only be cast during a battle
Summon - calls a fantastic creature
Combat Summon - calls a fantastic creature in fight
Combat Enchantment - the spell works on the whole battlefield
City Enchantment(+) - improves a friendly city
City Enchantment(-) - worsens an enemy city
Global Enchantment - global enchantment, working on both planes of the world
Special - any special enchantment or spell

Formulas require "mp" (mana points) to cast the spell and are expressed with X-Y/Z :
X - mana required to cast the spell in fight. The spell will dissipate once the battle is finished
Y - mana required to cast the spell outside of fight and then...
...Z - mana required to maintain such a spell

Sometimes, required mana is expressed with X + : it means that the spell can be cast with X mana, but you can add extra mana to strengthen it.

Earth to mud Combat
15 Transforms a 5x5 squares area into a swamp where non-flying units can only move spending 1 Mvt per turn.
Resist elements Unit
5-25/1 Gives the target unit +3 resistance to Chaos spells, Nature spells and ranged magic attacks.
Wall of Stone City
50 Surrounds the target city with a stone wall.
Giant strenght Unit
8-40/1 Gives +1 strength (sword) to the target unit.
Web Special 10 The target unit is neutralized until it inflicts 10 melee damages to a magical web. Units that do not have any hand-to-hand attack cannot get out of the web. Flying creatures cease flying. This spell has no effect on non-corporeal units.
War bears Summon 70/2 Calls a pair of bears.
Stone skin Unit
10-50/1 Gives +1 defense to the target unit.
Water walking Unit
50/1 The target unit becomes able to walk on water.
Sprites Summon 100/3 Calls a group of small spirits which can shoot magical ranged attacks.
Earth lore Special 30 Reveals a full screen-size area of the map.

Cracks Call Combat 20 Opens a fissure in the ground. It can destroy a section of City wall, and units that are on this square have 25% chances to disappear. The victims cannot be revived by raise dead, ressurection, animate dead or regeneration.
Nature's Eye City
75/1 The target city can see units up to +4 squares in each direction. Action is identical with oracle.
Ice Bolt Combat 10 + Strikes the enemy with a magical ice missile. It hurts units which have not cold immunity with strength 5. Every extra mana point spent to cast the spell adds +1 strength to the Ice Bolt.
Giant Spiders Summon 200/4 Calls a group of spiders able to cast web.
Change Terrain Special 50 Turns woods/deserts/swamps/hills into plains, mountains into hills, plains into woods.
Path Finding Unit
50/1 The target unit, and all other units with it, spend 1/2 Mvt for a step on any terrain.
Cockatrices Summon 275/8 Calls a group of flying magical chickens which have stoning touch.
Transmute Special 60 Transforms minerals : silver into mithril, iron into gold, coal into diamond. Operates as well on the contrary.
Nature's Cures Special 75 All soldiers in the target stack instantly and completely recover.
Basilisk Summon 325/7 Calls a basilisk which has stoning gaze.

Elemental Armor Unit
35-175/5 Gives the target unit +10 resistance to Chaos spells and Nature spells.
Petrify Combat 35 Turns the target into stone.
Stone Giant Summon 450/9 Calls a stone-throwing giant.
Iron Skin Unit
40-200/5 Gives the target unit +5 defense.
Ice Storm Special 200 Strikes all units in a square map with a strength 6 magical ice storm.
Earthquake Special 200 Calls an earthquake on an enemy city. Every garrison unit has 10% chance to be lost. Every building has 25% chance to be lost.
Gorgons Summon 600/15 Calls a group of flying gorgons, which have strength 2 stoning gaze.
Move Fortress Special 200 Moves the wizard's tower to the target city.
Gaia's blessing City
300/3 Blesses the surrounding lands of a city. Food production grows by 50%. Deserts, mountains, volcanoes and hills have a 10% chance to turn to grasslands, and corruption has a 20% chance to be removed. Unrest in the city decreases (this piece of information is not in the documentation of the game).
Earth Elemental Combat
60 Calls an elemental of earth in fight. It has poison immunity and stoning immunity.

Herb Mastery Global
1000/20 All units of the caster on both planes of the world completely recover at the beginning of each turn.
Nature's Awareness Global
800/7 Maps of both planes of the world are completely revealed and all enemy moves (except for invisible beings) are visible.
Nature's Wrath Global
1250/10 If another wizard casts a non-combat Chaos or Death spell, all his cities are exposed to earthquake : every non-flying and corporeal garrison unit has 10% chances of dying and each structure 5% chances of collapsing.
Colossus Summon 800/17 Calls an enormous rock-throwing colossus having poison immunity, stoning immunity +3 to Hit, wall crushing, first strike and the biggest innate resistance : 15.
Behemoth Summon 700/15 Calls a huge and strong reptile.
Great Wyrm Summon 1000/20 Calls a huge worm which can move underground and has strength 15 poisonous attacks.
Call Lightning Combat 60 Each turn, 3-5 strength 8 lightnings strike enemy units.
Entangle Combat 60 Every non-flying, corporeal enemy unit loses 1 Mvt. If a unit has 0 Mvt, it cannot attack or move but can still strike back if attacked.
Regeneration Unit
60-300/10 Gives the target unit the ability to recover in fight and to be revived from dead in case of a victorious battle. Units cannot be revived from cracks call, disintegrate, banish, death wish, holy word, dispel evil, great unsummoning.
Earth Gate City
250/5 Creates a teleporting gate in the city. Any unit can teleport between two cities (in the same plane) equipped with a gate for 1 Mvt.

Resist Elements, Elemental Armor, Giant Strenght, Stoning (resist or be petrified)

Resist Elements, Elemental Armor, Stoning (resist or be petrified)

Resist Elements, Elemental Armor, Stoning (resist or be petrified)

Resist Elements, Elemental Armor, Giant Strenght, Water Walking, Pathfinding, Regeneration

Resist Element, Elemental Armor

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