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Warp wood
Fire bolt
Hell hounds
Eldritch weapon
Wall of Fire
Warp creature
Fire elemental
Lightning bolt
Fire giant
Chaos channels
Flame blade
Doom bat
Raise volcano
Warp lightning
Metal fire
Chaos spawn
Doom bolt
Magic vortex
Fire storm
Warp reality
Flame strike
Chaos rift
Call Chaos
Call the Void
Meteor storm
Great wasting
Chaos surge
Doom mastery
Great drake

Type of spells :

Unit Enchantment(+) - operates on friendly units
Unit Enchantment(-) - operates on enemy units
Combat - the spell can only be cast during a battle
Summon - calls a fantastic creature
Combat Summon - calls a fantastic creature in fight
Combat Enchantment - the spell works on the whole battlefield
City Enchantment(+) - improves a friendly city
City Enchantment(-) - worsens an enemy city
Global Enchantment - global enchantment, working on both planes of the world
Special - any special enchantment or spell

Formulas require "mp" (mana points) to cast the spell and are expressed with X-Y/Z :
X - mana required to cast the spell in fight. The spell will dissipate once the battle is finished
Y - mana required to cast the spell outside of fight and then...
...Z - mana required to maintain such a spell

Sometimes, required mana is expressed with X + : it means that the spell can be cast with X mana, but you can add extra mana to strengthen it.

Warp wood Unit
10 Destroys arrow and sling ammunitions of the target unit.
Disrupt Special 15 Destroys one section of a City Wall.
Fire bolt Combat 5 + Strikes the enemy with a strength 5 fire attack. Each additional mana spent on it adds +1 strength.
Hell hounds Summon 40/1 Calls four infernal hounds with fire breath.
Corruption Special 40 Deprives a map square of its food production.
Eldritch weapon Unit
15-75/1 Decreases the defense of opponents by 10% and neutralizes weapon immunity.
Wall of Fire City
30-150/2 Creates a fire wall around the city. Each figure of any non-flying unit which tries to pass through the wall suffers a strength 5 fire attack.
Shatter Unit
12 If the unit cannot resist with strength 1, its melee and missile strength are reduced to 1 (does not affect magical ranged attacks).
Warp creature Unit
18 If the target unit does not resist with strength 1, this spell either reduces its resistance to magic to 0, or halves its defense, or halves its attacks.
Fire elemental Combat
20 Calls an Elemental of Fire in fight.

Lightning bolt Combat 10 + Strikes the enemy with a strength 5 lightning .Each additional mana point spent on it adds +1 strength. When striking, lightnings ignore half of the defense of their target.
Fire giant Summon 150/3 Calls a fire giant having Fire immunity and able to destroy walls.
Chaos channels Unit
50 Transforms a normal unit into a chaos creature. It can receive either wings (2 Mvt), or demon-skin armor (+2 defense) or strength 2 fire breath.
Flame blade Unit
25-125/2 Transforms the weapons of the unit into fire weapons, adding +2 strength to melee and missile attacks (but nothing to ranged magical attacks).
Gargoyles Summon 200/5 Calls a group of flying Gargoyles, having poison immunity and stoning immunity.
Fireball Combat 15 + Strikes the enemy with a fire sphere. Each figure in the unit suffers a strength 5 fire attack (+1 strength for every 3 extra mana spent to cast the spell).
Doom bat Summon 300/8 Calls a bat having innate immolation.
Raise volcano Special 200 Transforms a map square into a volcano. It cannot be applied on a river, a coast, a hill, a mountain or an ocean square. The volcano provides +1 mana per turn to the caster. If this spell is cast on a city, each building has a 15 % chance of collapsing. Volcanoes have a 2% chance to turn to mountains each turn (with a 5% chance of providing a mineral vein).
Immolation Unit
30-150/2 Surrounds the target unit with a fire aura that inflicts a strength 4 fire attack on all enemies engaging the immolating unit in melee combat.
Chimeras Summon 350/10 Calls a group of flying chimeras having fire breath.

Warp lightning Combat 35 Strikes the enemy unit with a consecutive series of lightnings, whose strength falls from 10 to 1.
Metal fires Combat
40 Bestows a reduced strength Flame Blade on all normal units, increasing their melee and missile attack strength by 1 and allowing them to inflict damage on units with Weapon Immunity.
Chaos spawn Summon 500/12 Calls a chaos creature which has three killing sights : doom gaze (4 obligatory damages), death gaze (destroys every figure unable to resist with strength 4), stoning gaze (paralyzes every figure unable to resist with strength 4) and a poisonous sting of the same strength. With magic immunity and invisibility, it becomes a killing machine able to destroy almost all usual units in hand-to-hand. Magic immunity does not protect against doom gaze !
Doom bolt Combat 40 Strikes the enemy with a magical arrow of destruction. It removes 10 hits, ignoring defense and resistance.
Magic vortex Special 50 Calls a magical whirlwind which makes 3 random and one controlled movement on the battlefield. Any unit in the path of the vortex take 5 hits regardless of defense. In addition, each time the vortex moves, adjacent units may be struck by lightning bolts. A magic vortex does terrible damage to a city that it moves through.
Efreet Summon 550/15 Calls an Efreet, having 20 mp and Fire immunity.
Fire storm Special 250 Creates a fire storm in a map square (that may be a city), striking every unit with a strength 8 fire attack.
Warp reality Combat
50 All non-chaos creatures receive -2 to Hit.
Flame strike Combat 60 Calls huge fire columns which strike all enemy units with a strength 15 fire attack.
Chaos rift City
300/10 Opens a Chaos gate above an enemy city. Each turn, the garrison is attacked by strength 8 lightnings and structures have a 5% probability of collapsing.

Hydra Summon 650/14 Calls a 9-headed hydra having regeneration and strength 5 fire breath.
Disintegrate Combat 60 If the target has a resistance of less than 10 it is instantly and irrevocably destroyed (nothing can resurrect it).
Call Chaos Combat 75 Casts on every enemy unit one of the following spells : nothing, healing, fire bolt (strength 15), doom bolt, disintegrate, warp lightning or chaos channels.
Call the Void City
500 Brings down a black hole on an enemy city. It has 50% chances to destroy a building, kills inhabitants and operates Doom Bolt on each garrison unit. It also covers the nearby grounds with corruption. This spell has no effect on cities with less than 1000 inhabitants.
Meteor storm Global
900/10 Calls a worldwide meteoric rain to strike armies outside of cities with strength 4 magic attacks. Buildings in all enemy cities have a 1% probability of collapsing.
Great wasting Global
1000/20 3 to 6 map squares become corrupted each turn.
Chaos surge Global
1000/40 Chaos creatures receive +2 strength in melee, missile, fire breath and magical ranged attacks.
Doom mastery Global
1100/15 All new units are created with Chaos Channels cast on them.
Great drake Summon 900/30 Calls a big dragon with a very powerful strength 30 fire breath.
Armageddon Global
1250/40 New volcanoes will appear each turn on both planes of the world. The casting wizard gains +1 mana per turn from each new volcano created (as if casting Raise Volcano each turn).

Flaming (+3 attack), Lightning (armor-piercing), Chaos (ignores defense), Destruction (resist or be destroyed)

Flaming (+3 attack), Lightning (armor-piercing), Chaos (ignores defense), Destruction (resist or be destroyed)

Flaming (+3 attack), Lightning (armor-piercing), Chaos (ignores defense), Destruction (resist or be destroyed)



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