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Dark Rituals
Cloak of Fear
Black Sleep
Life drain
Mana leak
Drain Power
Black Prayer
Black Channels
Night Stalker
Wall of Darkness
Shadow Demons
Wraith Form
Evil Presence
Cloud of Shadow
Warp Node
Black Wind
Zombie Mastery
Cursed Land
Eternal Night
Death Knights
Death Spell
Animate Dead
Evil Omens
Cruel Unminding
Demon Lord
Word of Death
Death Wish

Type of spells :

Unit Enchantment(+) - operates on friendly units
Unit Enchantment(-) - operates on enemy units
Combat - the spell can only be cast during a battle
Summon - calls a fantastic creature
Combat Summon - calls a fantastic creature in fight
Combat Enchantment - the spell works on the whole battlefield
City Enchantment(+) - improves a friendly city
City Enchantment(-) - worsens an enemy city
Global Enchantment - global enchantment, working on both planes of the world
Special - any special enchantment or spell

Formulas require "mp" (mana points) to cast the spell and are expressed with X-Y/Z :
X - mana required to cast the spell in fight. The spell will dissipate once the battle is finished
Y - mana required to cast the spell outside of fight and then...
...Z - mana required to maintain such a spell

Sometimes, required mana is expressed with X + : it means that the spell can be cast with X mana, but you can add extra mana to strengthen it.

Skeletons Summon 25/1 Calls a group of Skeletons having missiles immunity.
Weakness Unit
5 Enemy units lose 2 hand-to-hand attack strength and 1 ranged attack strength (2 swords and 1 bow).
Dark Rituals City
30 Mana received from structures is doubled, but growth rate falls by 1/4 and unrest is increased by 1.
Cloak of Fear Unit
12-60/1 Every figure in the enemy unit should resist, otherwise it can neither attack nor counterattack.
Black Sleep Unit
15 If the target unit fails to resist at -2, all creatures within are thrust into a deep sleep. The unit is unable to take any actions and any attacks on the unit automatically inflict maximum damage.
Ghouls Summon 80/1 Summons a group of ghouls. After a victorious battle, units defeated by them may revive undead and serve the wizard.
Life drain Combat 10 + The unit loses vital force which turns into mana for the wizard or the hero who has cast the spell. After a victorious battle, units killed by this spell may revive undead and serve the wizard.
Terror Combat
20 The unit should resist to fear or cannot attack.
Darkness Combat
25 All creatures of death receive +1 in all characteristics and creatures of life receive -1 in all characteristics.
Mana leak Combat
20 All sorcerers of the enemy, including the enemy wizard himself, lose 5 mp per turn. Soldiers with magical ranged attacks lose 1 attack per turn.

Power Drain Special 50 The target wizard loses from 50 up to 150 MP from his reserve.
Possession Combat 30 Takes the control of an enemy unit until the end of the battle.
Lycanthropy Unit
180/5 Transforms normal troops into werewolves, which are immune to usual weapons, cold, poison, death, illusions, and have regeneration.
Werewolves units only inherit metal properties, therefore the ideal choice would be to transform adamantium-equipped units.
Black Prayer Combat
35 All enemy units lose -1 attack (sword) and -2 resistance.
Black Channels Unit
100/1 Connects soldiers with the power of Death. Units with Black Channels receive +2 melee attack strength, +1 to missile attack strength, +1 breath attacks, +1 hit points, +1 resistance, +1 defense and becomes undead. Such units cannot heal or be healed by magic (but they can be restored by regeneration). Moreover, they do not require neither meal nor gold for their upkeep. Even if you remove Black Channels from the unit, it remains undead forever.
Night Stalker Summon 250/1 Calls an invisible Night Stalker, immune to cold, poison, death, illusions and having strength 2 death gaze.
Subversion Special 100 Relations of the target wizard with other wizards are worsened by 25 points.
Wall of Darkness City
40/5 Surrounds the city with a wall of darkness. Enemies cannot shoot arrows through it.
Berserk Unit
30 In fight, transforms soldiers into berserks. They lose their endurance but their attacks (swords) are doubled.
Shadow Demons Summon 325/7 Calls a group of flying shadow demons, immune to usual weapons, cold, poison, death and illusions. They can regenerate and travel to the other plane of the world on any map square.

Wraith Form Unit
30-150/3 Forms non-corporeal soldiers : the target unit becomes immune to usual weapons, able to pass through walls and always spends 1 Mvt on any terrain.
Wrack Combat
40 All not-undead enemy soldiers should resist or lose hits each turn.
Evil Presence City
100/4 All structures in the city cease creating mana.
Wraiths Summon 500/5 Calls a group of horrifying spirits, immune to cold, poison, death, illusions and having life steal ability.
Cloud of Shadow City
150/3 All battles in the target city will take place under Darkness cover.
Warp Node Special 75 Damns an enemy node : mana feedback stops and the wizard who owns it loses 5 mana per turn.
Black Wind Special 200 All soldiers in the target map square should resist at -1 or die.
Zombie Mastery Global
800/40 All enemy soldiers vanquished during a battle come back as undead to serve the wizard.
Famine City
200/5 Food production in the city falls by 50%.
Cursed Land City
150/2 Production in the city falls by 50%.

Eternal Night Global
1000/15 All battles in both planes of the world will take place under Darkness cover.
Death Knights Summon 600/8 Calls a group of floating Death Knights, immune to usual weapons, cold, poison, death, illusions, having first strike, armor piercing attack and life steal.
Death Spell Combat 50 Every enemy figure should resist with strength 2 or die.
Animate Dead Special 50 In fight, raise any victim unit (including enemies) from the dead.
Pestilence City
350/5 The city loses 1,000 inhabitants per turn until the population reaches 10,000 inhabitants.
Evil Omens Global
1100/10 To cast any life or a nature spell, wizards should use 50% more mana.
Cruel Unminding Special 250 The chosen wizard loses from 1% up to 10% casting skill.
Demon Lord Summon 1000 Calls the master of the demons, able to call 3 lesser demons in fight. He is immune to usual weapons, cold, poison, death, illusion and has life-stealing ranged and melee attacks.
Word of Death Combat 40 Every figure should resist with strength 5 or die.
Death Wish Special 500 Every usual unit all over the world should resist or die.

Vampiric (life steal), Death (resist or die), Power drain (attacked unit loses from 2 up to 20 mp)

Death (resist or die), Power drain (attacked unit loses from 2 up to 20 mp)

Death (resist or die), Power drain (attacked unit loses from 2 up to 20 mp)

Wraith form, Cloak of Fear

Wraith form, Cloak of Fear

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