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Magic Spirit
Recall Hero
Summon Hero
Summon Champion
Dispel Magic
Disenchant Area
Enchant Item
Create Artifact
Summoning Circle
Detect Magic
Spell of Mastery
Spell of Return

Type of spells :

Unit Enchantment(+) - operates on friendly units
Unit Enchantment(-) - operates on enemy units
Combat - the spell can only be cast during a battle
Summon - calls a fantastic creature
Combat Summon - calls a fantastic creature in fight
Combat Enchantment - the spell works on the whole battlefield
City Enchantment(+) - improves a friendly city
City Enchantment(-) - worsens an enemy city
Global Enchantment - global enchantment, working on both planes of the world
Special - any special enchantment or spell

Formulas require "mp" (mana points) to cast the spell and are expressed with X-Y/Z :
X - mana required to cast the spell in fight. The spell will dissipate once the battle is finished
Y - mana required to cast the spell outside of fight and then...
...Z - mana required to maintain such a spell

Sometimes, required mana is expressed with X + : it means that the spell can be cast with X mana, but you can add extra mana to strengthen it.

Magic Spirit Summon 30/1 Summons a Magic Spirit, able to establish a link between its controlling wizard and a node. The node can be intercepted by a Spirit of another wizard.
Recall Hero Combat
20 Returns the target hero directly in the Summoning Circle.
Summon Hero Summon 300 Calls a hero.
Summon Champion Summon 750 Calls a stronger hero.
Dispel Magic Combat
10+ Destroys a spell cast on a unit. Operates both on enemy and friendly units.
Disenchant Area Special 50+ Destroys a spell cast on a square or a battle zone.
Disjunction Special 200+ Destroys a global enchantment.
Enchant Item Special ? Creates a magic item for a hero. Mana cost is determined during the creation of the item.
Create Artifact Special ? Creates a more powerful item for a hero. Mana cost is also determined during its creation.
Summoning Circle City
50 Moves your Summoning Circle to the target city.
Detect Magic Global
200/3 The name of the spell which is currently cast will appear above the image of each wizard.
Awareness Global
500/3 All cities, both enemy and neutral, become visible on maps of both world planes.
Spell of Mastery Special 5000 The final spell, which throwns out all wizards in full nonexistence. You win the game.
Spell of Return Special 1000 After being defeated (except by Spell of Mastery), you can come back to life and move your fortress in the city of your choice.

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